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Welcome in Xberebene the portal of the sites of the Italian wine. In this showcase on the marvelous and variegated world of the wine you will find information and the suggestions of the sommelier on the tasting and on the combining food-wine. Thanks to the firms link vinicole in primis, but also in restaurants, enoteche, agriturismi, wine-cafe, on-line shops and to the whole best that the net can offer, with a simple click you can move on one side to the other of our beautiful earth to the search of the wines of quality produced by now in every Italian region. Italy is the earth of the typical products and the tradition vinicola, discover them through our portal. X to drink well allows besides you to plan your vacations to the insignia of the Italian eno-gastronomy.

The contents of this portal are reserved to that countries in which the consumption of alcoholic drinks is permitted from the Law, therefore the vision is exclusively destined to the people that according to the Law they can consume her, continuing the navigation will legally declare him her own conformity.

THE PREVIEW OF YOUR TRIP ON XBEREBENE: it organizes your vacation to the insignia of the Italian eno-gastronomy, it consults to drink well x to see in advance the places and the structures that will entertain you.


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The passion of the winemakers, the peculiarity of the land and climatic conditions of each region, the uniqueness and identity of the vines and constant updating of technologies wine, Italian wines are a unique product. The strength of Italian wine in particular is rooting of grape varieties in their own territory and the strong relationship that takes place and the history and traditions.


Xberebene allows you to move you in little time on one side to the other of our peninsula, to feel its perfumes typical of every region, even being firm in your angle of tasting and, at the same time he can represent an useful tool to the choice of your next vacations. It tries exploiting the search in the site Now, you insert the name of a Wine of a firm Vinicola or of a Territory of your pleasure and good navigation....

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